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Art.-No. 44220-3012

The Dice is known for Freestyle, smashing loops and even performs in waves when steered actively - and it just got the SLS upgrade. Every enthusiastic progressive rider look out, here comes the all-new Dice SLS!


Extremely Powerful lift and massive jumping and hangtime - The powerful lift makes super high jumps with a lot of hangtime possible!

Incredibly direct bar feedback and steering - The bar feedback is very direct, making steering intuitive and sporty. 

Easy to jump and boost - The jumping technique is easy, high and aggressive jumps with loops possible.

Penta TX frame construction - The Pentax TX frame construction ensures a very stiff and very responsive kite construction.

Up to 15% lighter than normal constructions, due to material mix and Pentax TX - Pentax TX and a carefully resourced material mix are the reason for an up to 15% weight reduction compared to original models.

Several tip tuning options - Several tip tuning options are a guarantee to be able to tune the kite exactly the way you want it to be!

Watch the Duotone Dice SLS product clip HERE