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At home in waves or strapless freeriding, focussing on joy and stability. Pure surfing with or even without a kite.


  • Great lift and low end power - amazing lift and great low end power at very low speed.
  • White water stability - even with massive swell, the spirit surf offers incredible stability in white water.
  • Prone surf - with the surf wing, even prone surfing is possible!
  • New aluminium fuselage with pocket for mast connection - a unique new aluminium fuselage with pocket for the mast connection guarantees maximum stiffness and the best and most direct transmission of steering impulses.
  • New mast profile with longer chord - the new mast profile with a longer chord length eliminates ventilation at high speed.
  • Formula 1 fusion technology - is used for the connection of the mast to the plate - made in Germany!

The low aspect ratio profile has a huge amount of lift and opens up a new realm of possibilities for slack line tricks and carves where no kite power is needed. The wing provides the feeling that you can surf the wing rather than only be pulled around by the kite all the time. Due to his profile, shape and size, the wing can also be used for prone surfing on no wind days. The wing provides an incredible stability in white water which makes it easy to surf in small waves. It is for those looking for a pure surf feeling in a kite foil. When you like to use a small kite as often as possible, even in lighter wind conditions and you are looking for the same set up to surf on no wind days, the Spirit Surf is your weapon of choice.

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