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The Duotone trainer kites are available in two different sizes. The Lizard 1.8 and Lizard 2.5 offer a safe and enjoyable way for beginners to learn the basics of kite control before hitting the water for their first practice session. Durability is of paramount importance while learning to fly a kite. Both Lizards are made in Ram-Air construction; we have integrated new internal support structures that make the kite extremely stable. The Lizard's handling is predictable and controllable, allowing aspiring kiters to quickly get a grip on basic skills. The kites react immediately to every input on the bar, so the kiter learns to steer the kite easily and precisely in the wind window. Both Lizard kites come with a 50cm rubber coated aluminum bar; That means you learn the "feel" for kite control on the same setup as on our kitesurfing kites. The bar features winding posts that allow you to wind up the lines without tangling. Both Lizards are equipped with a hand leash, the 1.8 is optionally available without a leash. The Lizard kites are ready to use right out of the bag; So unpack, roll out, start and then HAVE FUN!