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A fast, high-performance surfboard, which can be ridden with or without straps. The Pro Session is the choice for Airton, Matchu, Sebastian and Patri when the Waves get big and fast, being the optimum board for carving big turns on medium to big waves with maximum control.

  • Excellent carving abilities - a special shape and outline is the guarantee for outstanding smooth carving.
  • Strapped or strapless - board is delivered with inserts so straps can be mounted.
  • Fast and stable - speed in combination with absolute control is the magic combination.
  • Light team construction - a very light, still very robust construction with a lot of feedback for the rider.
  • Cork shock absorber 2.0 - is applied as a damper in the heel area of the surfboard to avoid heal dents.
  • Vacuum epoxy custom - the best mix for a pure surf feel, but still robust and durable enough to take the impacts a kite surf board needs to take.

The Pro Session is suited to all types of waves and loves to carve hard, fast turns. It excels in larger, hollow and more powerful waves, the grip and drives off the front foot will be sure to impress you, even in the most challenging of conditions. It’s a fantastic board for the strapped or strapless rider looking for exceptional carving abilities. The Pro Session will inspire confidence in every bottom turn, just set the rail and look for the critical section to hit. A subtle grab rail has been added for this year to improve control during strapless tricks. The volume distribution has also been optimized in critical areas to aid handling, and it features a double concave deck profile. In short, the Pro Session is a supreme carving machine!