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Designed specifically for women, you won’t believe how good this board is until you ride it!


  • Narrow, female specific outline - especially designed for female riders to offer them the best performance possible!
  • Connected and comfortable - absolutely great in choppy conditions.
  • Sporty pop and a comfortable ride - very sporty pop for massive tricks, combined with a very comfortable ride and smooth landings.
  • Step mono concave with standard base - the fastest and easiest to ride bottom concept. It can be carved easily through turns and always delivers the right grip. It planes early, allows smaller fins and helps to go upwind with ease.
  • Carbon beam and 45 degree biax carbon - gives the board more dynamic flex for better pop and great durability with reduced weight.
  • Soft flex - guarantees a comfortable ride in all conditions. 

A great board can make or break your session on the water, and that is why we have spent years developing the Soleil twin tip for women. Utilising a narrower outline than the men’s boards the flex pattern has also been softened to suit female riders better. A carbon beam has been added to make the board extraordinarily responsive and to lock in performance and pop. Through the chop, the ride is smooth and forgiving, and the Space Flex Tips keep you in control at all times. It’s a forgiving ride that will help you progress your riding quickly, ideally suited to freeride and those first unhooked tricks, integral grab rails make those airstyle board off moves easy. The Step Mono Concave base helps the board to track upwind and get planing early, meaning more time on the water. Here at Duotone we don’t just pink it and shrink it, the Soleil has been built from the ground up with the female rider in mind, try one for yourself and let some sunshine into your sessions!

Duotone Soleil Product Clip