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Our range of Flow Foils got a mount update and is now compatible for all three new AL 3.0 Fuselages, which makes them not only the top choice for Windsurfing, these wings offer great potential for Wing and Prone Foiling too!

Moving the Flow wings to the “Aero” mount with the change to our new AL 3.0 masts and fuselages was the logical step to have cross compatibility between all Aero and Flow wings.
Very popular for ambitious Windsurf Foiling, the Flow 1000 is amongst the favourite foils of our design team to speed up their Wing Foiling sessions in higher winds.

FLOW WINGS - Carbon front and back wings with 30° layup for maximum performance with direct flex response and minimal weight

REDUCED WEIGHT - New masts and fuselages with 19.5% weight reduction compared to previous AL masts/fuselage combos

REDUCED DRAG - New mast profile with 14% drag reduction

FUSELAGE - New Fuselages with highly improved trim and playfulness

GLUED + SCREWED - New base plate with higher walls and glued + screwed connection of mast and plate for “one-piece” connection and maximum durability

SCREWS - M8 & M6 Torx screws plus tools

HELICOIL-THREADS - Helicoil-threads in mast and fuselage for longevity and maximum strength connections