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Naish Go-To S26

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The Go-To is an all-around strapped or strapless kite surfboard that performs well in just about any wind or wave conditions. Wider overall than the Global with a wider squash tail, the Go-To is fast and forgiving. With a narrower nose, this season's Go-To performs well in lighter winds while trying strapless tricks in flatwater and is just as stellar when carving up smaller waves. These thruster designs are a good choice for heavier riders or anyone that wants a bit of extra float.


CNC Cut 15 kg Density EPS = Precision lightweight

Lightweight Finish = Lightweight board for better response higher performance

HighTensile Fiberglass = Outstanding strengh-to-weight ratio

Strapless Impact Resistance Heel and Rail Patch = Strength improved load spread

Double Bamboo Sandwich Deck = Maximum durability minimizes pressure dents

Bamboo Laminate = Natural load spread energetic flex

Lightweight Fiberglass = Overall lighter board

New Deck PadTexture and Center Heel Bump = Improved grip