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Duotone Juice 2022 Demo

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As a kitesurfer, you know the feeling, you get to the beach to discover the forecast wasn’t telling the truth, and there is less wind than predicted. The parking lot is full of dejected kiters doing a wind dance. Luckily, you’re packing the new 2022 Juice. You pump it up, launch it into the sky and feel the power. Within minutes of arriving, you are carving lines into the ocean, popping airs and practicing your tricks. How is this possible? Years of intense research and development to create the ultimate light wind kite using the most up to date materials available. It’s the kite every kiter needs, the one our pro riders go to in a pinch and the kite that delivers the most bang for buck when the wind doesn’t play ball. Perfect for light wind freeriding, the smaller sizes are fantastic for foiling, while the larger sizes have been tweaked to offer maximum power to twin tip riders wanting to perform tricks. Some light wind kites are slow and sluggish; the Juice is a Formula 1 car in a car park full of trucks. The Flex Struts help the kite to respond instantly to rider input, giving a dynamic and exciting flying experience not often found in larger kites. With light bar pressure and reduced drag on the airframe, kitesurfing becomes an effortless pastime where you can forget about the kite and concentrate on the next trick. If the wind picks up, no problem, the Juice’s wide wind range can handle it, and you’ll discover more speed, power and even bigger jumps with massive hangtime. The Juice is the kite to have in your quiver to ensure you have a fun session every time you head to the beach.

Key Features

Consistent bar pressure
Even in lightest winds, the Juice always delivers a constant and consistent bar pressure.

Suitable for twintip lightwind riding
Especially the bigger sizes are perfect for light wind days on twintips.

Fast and dynamic turning and handling due to Flex Strut
Due to Flex Struts, the turning of the Juice is fast and very dynamic.

Flex Struts for more dynamic handling and steering
Due to the Flex Struts, even the bigger sizes feel very lively, offer a dynamic handling and intuitive steering.

Several tip tuning options
Due to the several tip tuning options, you can tune the kite exactly to your needs.

Optimized construction details for reduced weight
The lightweight construction in combination with Trinity TX and Flex Struts ensures to save weight.