Far North QLD Kite Kitesurfing Trip 🤙🏼


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If there is a will, there’s a wave, and those who have a Hover Kite Crossover can ride it. Whether kite foiling, kite surfing, wake foiling, or wake surfing, this board lets riders do it all with ease. Designed initially with wake surfing and foiling in mind, the Hover Kite Crossover has the ideal outline, volume, and rocker for performance riding. Attach any foil to the Hover Kite Crossover and open up a whole new world of riding. Experienced foil surfers will appreciate its nimble handling. With the thruster setup, wide tail, and fast rocker, this board is easy and fun to ride in surf, has great pop for strapless tricks, and keeps you in the pocket for wake surfing.


  • Wider/faster outlines
  • Increased volume per size compared to last year
  • Increased nose rocker
  • False wing with round pin tail


  • Foil kiting, wave kiting, strapless kiting, wakesurfing, wakefoiling, foil surfing, wing-surfing
  • Comes with thruster fin set up and tracks for a foil
  • Great for carving tight turns at lower speeds


  • EPS closed cell core with high density foam reinforcements around the foil tracks
  • Precise CNC cut shape
  • Carbon reinforcement
  • High tensile fiberglass for outstanding strength-to-weight ratio
  • Strapless impact resistant heel patch for strength + improved load spread
  • Bamboo laminate for natural load spread + energetic flex
  • Closed cell core for less water absorption in case of a ding
  • (2) 10” US boxes for convenient foil adjustment