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Naish Wingsurfer Belt Leash

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The Naish Wing leash is suitable for wingsurfing and easily attaches to your board or wing. The leash is made of nylon webbing with neoprene lining to protect for wear and extra comfort. Because of the PU coated slider tube the leash slides easily to the sides, changing toe- and heel-side is not hindered by this.

The ideal leash for wingsurfing!


  • Nylon webbing
  • Neoprene lining
  • PU- Coated slider tube
  • Leash point for connection
  • Dyneema line with internal bungee
  • Swivel on both ends of the leash
  • Buckle strap and ladder lock
  • One size fits all

Note: The PU Tubing should be used for wing leash only. Board leash must be attached to fixed loop, for added strength and to prevent tangles.